Planning Your Event

There are many things to consider when hiring musicians. The questions below help in overall planning and guide you towards a clearer vision of what is appropriate for your event. Access to electricity, a stage area (if desired), chairs, and storage area are all possible things to consider. Much of this will take care of itself when you are renting a commercial venue, but can be more of a challenge when planning something in a tent, for instance.
  • The Event:

    What is the event you are planning?
    When will it be held?
    Where will this event be held?
    Do we need to allow for a rain plan?
    Can we set up in the room 4 hours before we start?
    When should the music start?
    What are the overall music directions?
    Will there be dancing?
    Approximately how many guests do you expect?
    Will that change as the party continues?
    What will be the order of events?
    Any plans for toasts or other remarks?
    Any special prayers?
    Any special requests?
    Do you know approximately when the event will be over?

  • And For Brides:

    Do you want me to introduce the wedding party?
    How should I introduce the bride and groom?
    What is the First Dance?
    Will there be a Father/Daughter dance?
    Will the bride throw a bouquet or the groom throw the garter?
    Any plans for toasts ?
    Any other anniversaries or birthdays to mention?
    Will there be a special last dance?
    Should I send everyone out for a formal departure?

  • What’s next?

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